A note on my beliefs

I consider myself to be a fairly objective person who only uses empirical evidence and sound logic to evaluate ideas. However there is one presumption or ideal i have in place, though i have no real clear idea of how i would want it to be.

It is this:
Assume your about to be born, anywhere is possible, you could be some Hollywood star’s kid, the Milk man’s daughter, or some poor starving African family’s son. What should you fear?

Two things, poverty, and inequality(especially with studies showing that happiness is to linked it).

Inequality, my great assumption is that it is a terrible thing, and although i don’t strive for complete egalitarianism, i do believe that no one person should be a thousand times better of than another on this world. Why is Zuckerberg net worth over a million times more than some child in Africa? especially when creating Facebook is not even a feat of great talents… i would say that 90% of computer science grads would be able to create it too, Mark was just struck with the luck of circumstance.  The right place at the right time…


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