What’s the point of Higher Education?

If your still wondering… then there’s probably some idealism at play here. The point of Higher Education is to create value for the society which established it. If a model of government subsided education is not sustainable then leave it to privatization to determine if it is in fact worth its weight in gold.

There’s an overwhelming amount of hogwash in Britain about the rising fees and interdepartmental funding. This might not even be going far enough…

Nobody wants to graduate and left wondering why they still can’t find a job… overwhelmingly it seems like one of the reasons employers are no longer hiring, is because there is a lack expertise among graduates. China’s new program here will issue cutting of subsidies if a program fails to find jobs for at least 60% of its graduates in the last 2 years.Although this approach is probably not perfect, it is the first step we need into rethinking how to set up our education.

Cheap(or free) education is important because it allows income and social mobility but when that education is non value-adding(and hence with limited prospects), perhaps it should be only for those who have the money and time to spend… for the rest of us, we need to focus on making sure we can bring food to the table by giving back to society. I.E i have great respect for Film Makers, and there are people who make it out there, however the vast majority do not, and with the development of the internet technologies the “winner take all effect” is taking place. With such a high rate of failure, only those who can afford to take this risk should do so. Government should only subsidize programs that are known for their value adding abilities.

If this approach is taken, in the long run, every degree will have an equal chance of yielding success, government need only offer support to make this happen. The alternative of private education will create too much inequality as seen in the US today.


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