Links 16/03/2012

I can’t just favourite links I like anymore… navigating through my browser is a logistical nightmare… that’s what blogs are for I guess! Reminds me of that trick Dumbledore did in Harry potter where he removed his memory and put in that bowl.

So Greg Smith, a Goldman Sachs executive quit and had some things to get off his back, it wasn’t too controversial in my opinion since he didn’t go into much detail about the how the evolution happened. However some interesting commentary on the piece emerged. The bloomberg piece is also surprisingly entertaining and so is Tyler Cowen’s. But the best part are the spin off’s, Darth Vader leaves the empire and a Muppet themed one from bbc(its funnier if you’ve seen the movie). It also goes well with this graph(its clearer if you click on it):

A man who predicts how many Olympic Medals each country will get!

This 1min video on Patents

Here’s a earnings and the 1% picture:

A model predicting celebrity marriages! Here’s a sneak peak!

Another post by Cowen on the effects of Porn Watching!

More Star Wars! How much does the Death Star cost to build?  Its about 13 thousand times the world’s GDP!

A fun TED talk on political  irrationality:

Who rules the world?

Is the government an efficient charity? 

Eight things we know about extending unemployment insurance

Seven things you learned about the transition from communism to capitalism!

And finally a stand up economist!


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