Tips on setting up Ipython on windows

Just a quick update, I’ve recently hit a bump while trying to start this online course on quantitative economics and they have a good guide on getting started. I read that other people have issues setting up Anaconda(a package with Ipython) too. Anyways here’s quick guide on what I did to overcome my bumps on setting it up with powershell. I’ve found the issue that Anaconda configures windows paths to a folder named Python27 which for me was in C.

I would recommend making sure your execution policy is set right, this guide here on how to do that.

Then type in this command into powershell:

$a = $env:path; $a.Split(";")

When this is done you will get a list of paths from where powershell reads. You then have to make sure that one of those is anaconda, and in my case I had to rename it to python 27 because that’s where it reading from. You could also just change it in the system setting(there’s a link on that in the quantitative economics link above).

Also if you are completely new to using CMD type things, its probably useful to go thru some basic commands.